Lemont & Marilyn

Lemont & Marilyn
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18 Update

High guys,

No flagging again today.  Mom called Laurie, our contact at PRC but when she reached her today she'd already placed her order for tomorrow so we won't be flagging tomorrow either, unless something unplanned comes up.  However, she was pleased to hear we're available again and will probably ask for us for Thursday and Friday.  Weatherbug says it won't be as warm as it has been the last couple of days (darn!) -- it was 55 yesterday and 45 today.  There is a winter storm warning in affect until 3:00 pm tomorrow with 1-3 inches of snow expected, then highs in the 30s for Thursday and Friday.  Our friend, Steve Dellos, is back working on radio towers in Montana and said it was -3 where he is today!  Glad I'm not out in that!

Nothing new from Frontline.  Steve had a couple of new contacts, one in Arizona and one in Nevada.  Neither of them are as promising as Frontline, but we have our names out to a couple more companies and both say they have work coming up and are hiring.  Most of the east coast outfits we've talked to say have more agents than they can keep busy, so it looks like being out here we may be in the right place at the right time for a change.

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