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Lemont & Marilyn
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26 Update

We called in at 6:00 am this morning and were given an assignment for noon in American Fork.  About twenty minutes later, Lori from PRC called.  She  apparently had an earlier assignment for us but somehow it didn't get communicated to Labor Ready.  Later we found that they book most of their jobs through Labor Ready in Sandy and it is kind of the end of the list that makes it to Provo.  Lori suggested we sign up in Sandy -- but that would mean a whole lot more driving.  We are going to see if can get things worked out so we do most of our work through Strategic Staffing, whom we started with last summer.  With them we didn't have to stop by their office to get our "tickets" each morning and they did direct deposits.  All we had to do was turn in all our tickets for the week by the following Monday at 5:00pm.  On top of that, they pay about 10% more than Labor Ready.  But PRC has had some administrative problems with Strategic and reduced their  usage of them so we don't know if that is going to work or not.  A lot of times last fall, Lori or Cynthia at PRC would call us with our assignments and all we had to do was let Strategic know where we were going and then show up where PRC wanted us.  Hopefully we can get back into that mode.

We were scheduled to flag on the frontage road at 100 W in American Fork at noon.  We have flagged there several times before.  We actually got there about 11:30 and found out the foreman had called for flaggers to be there at 12:30, but Lori had changed the time to make sure folks could get there and had time to find the place.  We sat around waiting for the foreman and crew to show up and then Lori called us about 1:30 to let us know the crew had been pulled off on some other jobs and she sent us home.  So we 4 hours pay for sitting around for 2 hours. 

Strategic called us to see if we could attend a re-certification class at PRC tomorrow so we'll be there from 7:00 - 11:00 am tomorrow.  The re-certification is for PRC so it applies to both Strategic and Labor Ready.  We may or may not get any flagging tomorrow afternoon or evening.  We do get paid for the 4 hour class.  Labor Ready had talked to us about the need for re-certification but didn't have any openings in their allotment of spots in the classes -- and she described it as a 2-hour refresher course, so we might have lost a whole day's flagging for 2 hours, although we might still have gotten the 4-hour "short pay" minimum.

Weather was fairly pleasant, somewhere around 40.  Tonight it is supposed to be down in the 15-20 degree range with highs tomorrow around 40 again.   So far it looks like we sat out the really cold days at Walmart!
Lori said they were working on New Years Day and it was windy and 5 below zero!  Glad we weren't out in that!

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