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Lemont & Marilyn
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 21 Update

Still no call for flagging.  We learned that PRC has been having some administrative problems with Strategic Staffing and so is mostly using Labor Ready these days.  Lori suggested we sign up with Labor Ready so we did so this afternoon.  Hopefully we'll be back on the job next week.  One advantage to being signed up with both companies is that we won't get cut short as we approach 40 hours.  The contract each company has with PRC limits their flagers to 40 hours a week -- but when we get close to the limit, we can have them call us out through the other company and keep going.  When working only with Strategic we sometimes got cut off at 32-36 hours because they won't send you out unless you have at least 10 hours available.  One of the breakers we knew said he was logging about 60 hours a week by working through both Strategic Staffing and Labor Ready.  Not sure we really want to log that many hours an a regular basis, but at least getting in a full five days a week, even at 8-10 hours a day, would be nice on the paycheck.

Weather is still rather balmy for this time of year -- highs in the 40s and predicted to remain there for several more days. 

Guess you all read Jerry's update about his accident.  He is lucky -- or blessed -- to be alive!  Wait until you see the pictures, if  you haven't already.  It certainly could have been a lot worse.  He was hauling a tanker full of diesel fuel.  And people try to tell us PPS work will be dangerous!  I'd be willing to bet that statistically, flaggers are at greater risk than bodyguards, especially during the winter when the roads are icy. 

Speaking of PPS, there is nothing new to report there.  Steve and I are tracking the leads he found in Arizona and Nevada, but there isn't any news yet. 

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  1. I saw the pictures of jerry's truck. It's one of the craziest things I've ever seen. I know flagging does sound dangerous! Wal-Mart is sounding so good (and warm) right now.
    Love you guys!