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Lemont & Marilyn
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10 Update

We didn't get any flagging on Tuesday or Wednesday bu we did get a call fairly early this afternoon for a change, to flag up at 400 N in Orem tonight at 8:30.  We went to 400 N once before, the day it snowed and we were sent home right away.  Vickie, at Strategic Staffing who called us, said there will be to other flaggers there tonight.  Based on what I saw the last time we were there I don't see where we'll use 4 flaggers, but she said it is a very busy spot.  Weatherbug forecasts lows near 20F, but shows it won't hit that until about 4:00 am so we shouldn't be in the really cold weather for all of the night.  Weatherbug hourly shows it will be about 26F at 8:00, so we certainly won't be experiencing a heat wave!  At least we have hours again and it is nice that is closer to home than the posts we got in American Fork and Lehi -- about half as far I think.

I got a call from Steve Dellos today and I have an opportunity to go work ground crew on towers with him for a month starting next week for about double what we make flagging.  I also talked with Tony about the property management job and it looks like that isn't going to  happen.  At least not anytime soon.  They didn't call me to start the last couple of days like they said they would because they were waiting to get some more clients.  Even so, I'd be starting out with only 2-3 clients, which would amount to about $120 or so a month until I could build up the client base.   That just won't cut it right now.   I plan to check back with him when I get back from the month on tower work.  The tower locations are from Grand Junction, Colorado to Filmore, Utah, so we'll be in areas that are a little milder climate than what Steve has been enduring in Montana.   The tower work might go longer than just one month, but this particular assignment will be a month long, with at least 40 hours a week paid whether we work or not.   During our off time Steve and I will be working on finding PPS work and, reviewing his TFT (Target Focus Training) videos and having him teach me.  Steve has already arranged with the tower company for us to disappear for a week or so if a PPS detail comes in, and then come back to work, so that is a good thing.  I expect we'll be working in snowy, freezing conditions most of the time, even being hundreds of miles south, because we'll be working on mountain tops.  I don't expect to be climbing towers, just doing rigging and other "grunt" work on the ground, but Steve is lending me a climbing harness just in case.  I'll have Mom run me up to Steve's parents' place in Ferron (where we went for his brother's funeral a year or so ago) and then I'll be able to ride with him so I won't have to drive.  This new job starts on Monday.  I plan to bring my old laptop along so I can update this blog while I'm "in the field" and keep up with email.

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