Lemont & Marilyn

Lemont & Marilyn
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 4 Update

Got called at 6:30 am for a 7:30 assignment back at Geneva Road.  Got there and found two other flaggers already on station.  They had crews working on both sides of the  bridge and each thought they needed their own flaggers, which they probably did.  However, Lori came by about 11:00 and sent the other team home.  For a long time Mom and I tried to cover both sides.  It doesn't work very well because there is too much of a delay in getting traffic stopped when one of the flaggers is nearly a block away from the action.  On top of that there is big steel plant in between and traffic comes out of there when we have the road blocked.  We had one guy come out of there while a big double belly-dumper was coming down off the construction site and the truck driver had to lock up his brakes coming down the dirt ramp to avoid hitting the interloper.  After that Mom checked with the crew on her side and found out they didn't really need her there anymore so she came back over where we worked before so we were standing just on either side of the ramp where the trucks come out.  The foreman on "our" side had pushed to keep the extra flaggers so we'd have people adjacent to the ramp but Lori over-ruled him.  PRC is over-budget on flagging so they're trying to cut back.  Sure won't save anything if there is an accident!

Weather wasn't too bad -- about 22F when we arrived and warmed up to 31F ,maybe even 32F in the afternoon before dropping off again.  Kind of interesting idea when it "gets up to freezing".  We got off at 6:00 pm so we logged 10.5 hours.  That gives us 27 hours for the week.  There is a slight chance we'll get called in again tonight, but I kind of doubt it. 

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