Lemont & Marilyn

Lemont & Marilyn
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15 Update

We got called at 5:00 last night to flag at 300 W in American Fork at 5:30!  No way we could make it that fast, but they said it would be OK for us to just get there was quickly as we could.  We managed to make it by 6:00 pm and flagged until 4:30 this morning, logging 10.5 hours.  Weather wasn't too bad.  It was close to 50F when we left home and only got down to about 30F by the time we left.  We had 6 flaggers when only 5 were really needed so we had a built in "breaker" and so we got two or three breaks during the night to warm up and grab a snack. 

Wildlife watch:  pretty much limited to one stray dog that was hanging around on Mom's side of the freeway.  She kept encouraging him to "go home", but I don't think he/she had one to go to.

Steve called to have me help him look up some stuff on the 'Net and said I should pack my bags.  He expected to have word by noon today about heading out, but since it is about 4:00 pm and I haven't heard from him, I guess he hasn't gotten word yet either.  He said they have confirmed they have 9 dish antennas to install, but that might not quite be enough to justify the extra crew.  At least it isn't completely dead -- yet.

We have no idea if we'll get called to flag again tonight.  It really seems to me they could and should provide more notice.  Last night we didn't have time to get any dinner so our Valentine's Day dinner consisted of a chocolate donut bar and a cup of hot chocolate around midnight.  Actually it hit the spot, even if it didn't meet RDA nutritional standards.

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