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Lemont & Marilyn
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13 Update

I got called to flag yesterday.  The call came in about 9:00 am and they wanted me there ASAP.  I got there at 10:00.  They only needed one flagger and Mom definitely didn't want to go, so I took it.  The assignment was at 300 W in American Fork.  We had 5 flaggers there most of the day.  The foreman for the main project released us all at 3:30 but one of the workers from another crew still working caught me to find out where all the flaggers went.  I told him we'd been released and offered to stay and help them if he needed me.  He called his foreman and they sent me on my way.  But I didn't even make it to the freeway before I got another call from Strategic saying our release was a mistake and to go back.  Four of the five of us that were there came back and we stayed until 5:30 so I got 7.5 hours in yesterday.  The weather was pretty comfortable.  It got up to about 50F in the afternoon.  I took off my snowsuit and just wore my KTM jacket the rest of the day.  I had on thermal garments plus a pair of long-john bottoms and Army fatigue pants so I was fairly comfortable all day. 

Still waiting on confirmation for the radio tower gig with Steve.  The company (a big outfit named Power Engineering) wants to make sure they have a full month of commitments and as of Thursday or Friday only and two weeks, so it looks like there may be some delay.  Darn it!

Mom and I got to chat briefly this afternoon with a BYU police officer from one of the other wards in our building.  I had heard the last part of a talk he gave in his ward a couple of weeks ago describing an experience he had providing protection for "Elder" Monson on a visit to BYU.  He said all of his PPS work has come through his job at BYU and doesn't know much about private contracts, but said he'd make some inquiries for us. 

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