Lemont & Marilyn

Lemont & Marilyn
Lemont & Marilyn -- Anniversary Picture 2010

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1 Update

We didn't get called for flagging on Monday.  We did get a call this afternoon but we were volunteering at the Deseret Meat Packing Plant and didn't get the messages in time to accept an assignment tonight.  Tyler and Taylor have arranged to have Christianna blessed tomorrow night at 6:00 pm so Taylor's folks can be here (they're leaving to go home to Alaska on Saturday) so we let Strategic know we won't be available tomorrow.  Most assignments don't end early enough for us to get home by 6:00 pm.

We've gotten some new PPS leads in the last couple of days that we're pursuing, but don't have anything solid yet.  It is good news that we're establishing more contacts and that they're actually taking and returning our calls!

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