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Lemont & Marilyn
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24 Update

Day four of training and it is going well.  Spent some more time "Y-jacked" with customer service agents in the call center, listening to customer calls and watching agents handle them.  Also attended a "Member Services Update" meeting that they  have every month.  A good part of it was dedicated to recognition of top performers.  Plus a free lunch and a free raffle.   I won a nice 2 D-cell Maglite as the next to last ticket drawn!  The recruiter I've been talking to said they are "close to making an offer" so someone else on the director position we talked about  yesterday, so that is off the table, but he has forwarded my resume to another department that has an unposted position.  It had been posted but the hiring manager couldn't really make up his mind what he wanted so they pulled the posting.   I'm fighting a cold so I'm kind of out of it right now.  I have another C.E.R.T. class to go to tonight.  Last night was Fire Safety, including an exercise using fire extinguishers to put out a "burn tray" fire.  The burn tray is a device one of the firemen made.  It is a tin tray about 3'x4' x 3" deep and filled with water.  There are about 4 copper pipes running through it and they bubble propane up through the water as fuel for the fire.  It was windy last night so  many people had trouble putting out their fires as the wind would blow the flames back around after they'd been put out, but I did well.  In fact, I think I was about the fastest.  One of the firemen commented "Looks like you've done this before."  With at least 3-5 C.E.R.T. courses  under my belt, indeed I  have done it before.  Tonight is our first session on Disaster First Aid.  The second one will be next Wednesday, then we'll be on to Light Search and Rescue.  It is all pretty much very familiar to me, but it is good to have the review.  The whole course is 9 sessions.  After tonight I'll  have 6 sessions to go (I missed the first one last week).

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