Lemont & Marilyn

Lemont & Marilyn
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Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28 Update

We started our second week of training today.  Spent about  half a day in the classroom, then had a Jeopardy-style "final test review" that was kind of fun.  Our side won, betting our entire 6,000 points on Final Jeopardy and winning!  The other side also got the right answer, but they only risked 3,000 of their 7,100 points so they ended up with 10,100 and totalled 12,000!  We also did some "role playing" where a couple of the instructors pretended to be customers and we acted like were taking their calls.  Then we were on to the real call center floor.  Mom did the talking and her training partner "drove" the computer.  I got to do both, with my trainer pointing out what I should be clicking on.  Their training program is pretty well thought out, teaching background, then basic skills, and letting you listen in and monitor some live calls before you have to do any yourself.  Tomorrow we'll be back on the phones part of the day and taking our final exam.  Then Wed and Thu we'll be on the phones again.   We're taking Friday off to go to Jerry's wedding.  Looks like we'll be working Mon and Tue next week, then our regular shift will start with Wed-Thu off and working Fri-Tue. 

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