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Lemont & Marilyn
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Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14 Update

We haven't had any flagging work for the last three weeks.  I drove down to Las Vegas with Steve Dellos last week for a few days.  We met with some of the protection companies we've previously contacted.  Steve and I had lunch with the CEOs of Alpha Protection and Omega Protection.  They work together and I had previously emailed both of them about getting together while we were in town, but I didn't expect to meet with them at the same time -- but that is what happened.  This  morning I picked up a voice mail from the CEO of Omega.  He said he called me by mistake, but was glad that he did.  He said he and his buddy, head of Alpha Protection, enjoyed meeting us and would definitely call us if they have work, especially if they have work in Utah.  He had some film company work around St. George but it was postponed.  Alpha and Omega work together to teach a very comprehensive PPS course that we'd like to take some day to enhance our credentials and skills -- and to strengthen our relationship with these two companies.  But for now, it is all just additional networking.

Steve and I also took the class that Nevada requires to get our concealed carry permits for Nevada.  We have to go back and complete qualification at the firing range and submit our applications to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department before we can get our permits, but at least we  have completed the required classroom work -- and the class was free!  Most companies charge $120-130 for the class, but I found one that does the class for free!  And the instructor were excellent.  The morning was mostly dedicated to  legal aspects and what to do and not to do.  The instructor has been teaching concealed carry classes for 45 years and he is still an active LVPD officer.  His wife taught the afternoon session on gun safety and cleaning.  She was also very good and has a fistfull of NRA teaching and range master credentials.

Mom and I got a new assignment from Strategic Staffing this week.  We're working at Shelf Reliance, a company that specializes in emergency preparedness and food storage.  We're just working in the warehouse -- picking and packing orders and putting together emergency backpacks they sell.  Not anything very challenging but at least we're working and it is interesting to see some of the stuff they sell.  We're working from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm all week.  It is kind of good to  have a predictable schedule.  I don't think it pays quite as good as flagging, but getting a full 40 hours may make up for it, compared to the hours we've been getting for flagging.   Hopefully the flagging will pick up now that the weather is improving. 

The radio tower work I thought I had lined up didn't work out yet, but there is supposed to be another assignment coming up in the next month.  If that comes through it should pay nearly twice what I make flagging, plus per diem.

There may be an opportunity to provide security for relief supplies and relief workers in Japan.  The word is they are going to need a lot of private security, but we don't have anything concrete on that yet.  It might not be the most pleasant time to visit Japan, but Mom and I would still welcome the opportunity to travel and perhaps even be part of the relief effort.  From what I've heard we have all the certification and training that is required -- and then some.

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