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Lemont & Marilyn
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15 Update

I got a call from Ancestry.com this morning and was offered a job as a Customer Service Rep.  I start training on Monday (March 21).  After 2 weeks training I'll be working Friday through Tuesday.  They mentioned possibly interviewing me for a Team Lead position in a few weeks and that would be a nice advancement.

Ancestry.com is still advertising for Customer Service Reps so Mom is going to apply.  Wouldn't that be cool if we could both work there?

Mom and I pulled another shift at Shelf Reliance today.  We started out packaging 55 gallon plastic water barrels for shipment, then helped restock some returns, including a "megapack" that was a pallet about 8 or 10 layers deep.  We made up some Emergency backpacks and then spent the rest of the day picking orders.  I wouldn't mind having one or two of the Emergency backpacks.  They seem to be pretty well thought out.

There is talk of having us work a few hours overtime toward the end of the week.   The extra hours and the time and half would be nice, but the days can be quite tiring.  It isn't really heavy work, but it is tedious and I have needed pain pills for my back about half way through each day so far.  I sometimes needed them when we were flagging, but usually only when we had windy days and I had to fight the paddle.  This job involves a lot of bending and twisting and lifting so we're both kind of sore by the end of the day, but not nearly as sore as we were the first few days of flagging, so we'll probably get used to it soon. 

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