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Lemont & Marilyn
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Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21 Update

We completed our first day of training at Ancestry.com today.  Seems like a pretty nice place to work.  Today was mostly paperwork and orientation.  Tomorrow we'll get our own logins to ancestry.com and start learning how to use the system.  We are reviewing medical and dental plans -- so far we haven't been able to confirm our doctor or dentist accepts their plans so we have some more research to do.  The coverages seem pretty good and the cost fairly reasonable.  Ancestry.com also offers a discount on medical if we participate in a company-paid wellness program so we're looking into that too.  Company paid vision coverage is included if we select any of the medical coverages.  Our training schedule will be 8:30 am to 4:00 pm for the next two weeks.  We don't yet know how we'll transition to our regular Fri-Tue working schedule.  The corporate campus and facilities are very nice.  They do some nice things each week, like cater lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesday -- our lunch tomorrow is free, but normally employees pay $4 for the lunches and the company picks up the other $3 for the $7 lunch.  They also provide bagels and fruit on Thursday mornings.  They have an arrangement for inexpensive memberships to the Orem Fitness Center so we can take advantage of year-round swimming and running and weight etc.  We have exported our existing PAF files to the standard GEDCOM format so we can import them into ancestry.com as part of our training tomorrow.  Once we have them updated on ancestry.com we can transfer them back to PAF at home.  They told us there were 321 applicants, of whom 91 were selected for interviews and 30 hired -- 9% of all the applicants made the cut, so we feel pretty good about being there!  Mom said her interviewer told her she was the very last person interviewed.

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