Lemont & Marilyn

Lemont & Marilyn
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Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18 Update

Our last day at Shelf Reliance.  We spent the better part of the first half of our shift doing water barrels again.  This time we had to go to a difference warehouse a mile or so away.  We were at it past our normal lunch break and came back to the original warehouse to pick orders after we got back from "lunch" (at 6:30 - 7:00 pm!).  About the only new task we had today was making up the cardboard dividers for the shipping boxes.  They are really quite interesting.  They come with all three components for each of two dividers all in one piece of cardboard that has the assembly slots cut out and are partially cut to form the long center piece and the two shorter cross pieces.  To break them down into the various pieces to be assembled you just bend a stack of them back and forth a  couple of times and they snap apart.  Quite an ingenious design.  I figured out I could probably save Shelf Reliance about $100,000 a year with just two words:  assembly line.    Wish I could get them to let me set up assembly lines for making the barrel kits and for shipping -- for, oh, say, 10% of the annual savings for 5 years.  One of the chief honchos was working alongside us doing the barrels and I see why no one seems to have a clue how to organize things better.  They're just following his example.  Oh well, we don't have to worry about that any more!  I start training at Ancestry.com on Monday.  We hope Mom will get an offer from them tomorrow and be able to start on Monday as well.  For now, we're just looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  Even though our shift this week didn't start until 2:00 pm we were getting up and getting going a lot earlier to get stuff done before we  had to go to work.  For instance, this morning Mom went in to give plasma and yesterday she had her interview at Ancestry.com.

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